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Quick overview

  1. Exercise 锻炼

  2. Good Sleep 睡好觉

  3. Drink a lot of fluid to save your eyes 多喝水

  4. Have exposure to sunlight during your non-productive hours such mealtime 晒太阳

  5. Keep back straight while sitting on chair 好椅子,坐好姿势

  6. Fix a goal and then reverse engineer the timelines and technical effort 设置deadline,然后往回安排时间,不断积累经验,以至于能够合理评估时间

  7. Have result-oriented goals (products which u can really ship) 结果导向的目标

  8. Keep it simple. (Write a simple code which is easy to read and debug which helps in shipping product faster) 保持简单

  9. Don’t get disturbed during your highest concentration period of day by setting expectations with people around us 隔离打扰

  10. Always keep learning. Keep your skills sharp. 保持学习

  11. Get out of comfort zone 走出舒适区

  12. Collaborate with other programmers to save time and effort 与高手合作

  13. Programming is a solo activity. Try spending a lot of time alone 独立独自